By Gola Hundun – Bari 2015

New wall painted by the Barcelona based artist Gola Hundun, in Bari (Italia). “This image becomes the ‪icon‬ of the project ‪Oliosanto‬. I made it on paper, on canvas, on t-shirt and now on wall every time with different taste and colors, but I’m pretty proud that this one is the conclusive one. It symbolizes the obscure circumstances […]

By Gola Hundun – Art Basel 2014

New Mural done by the Italian artist Gola Hundun based in Barcelona, for the Miami Art Basel festival 2014. Thanks to More about Göla:

Gola Hundun

Gola Hundun Biography Gola Hundun a.k.a. Göla (1982, Cesena Italy). prova about2 Gola Hundun’s work shows the relationship between human beings and the biosphere. This consideration combined with the conscious decision to live as a vegetarian since the age of 16 positions the artist and his work closer to the animal sphere to the human […]

By Gola Hundun- “DIREZIONE” -Rocale,Italy

Direzione is a mural that speaks about coexistence and sustainable path. The wall is coinceved as a sacred apparition and feeds itself and described with a symmetrical and solemn taste close to religious art. At the center of the composition is the deer god, symbol of the rebirth of nature and the cycle of the seasons […]

By Gola Hundun – “LA MADRE DEL SOTTOSUOLO” – Curitiba,Brazil.

” This installation was born inside the project HIBRIDO (a double solo i had with my friend Paulo Auma in Curitiba Brazil).It come from a vision i had of a big being that populate a future world, a world in which human beings loose the control of their genetical experiment, and the new born monster/animals […]