[AGENDA] Raval Academy of Arts # 19-22 Agosto

AGENDA >>> Raval Academy of Arts – 19/22 Agosto – Domingos Barcelona PINTURA – FOTOGRAFIA – PRINTS – MUSICA – CRAFT ALE Con la participación de Zubmarino, Maria Monty, Max Rippon, Spankone, Landry, Cane, Karen Klink, Roger S. i R., Omega III, Tiago Majuelos, Margarito dela Guetto, VJ Entter, Maya Venkova, Sawe, Mentirasysaliva, Hanako Mimiko, Lina Persson, […]

By Miss Van – Coney Island 2015

Miss Van was recently invited to  the new public/private art project called “Coney Art Walls” hold in Coney Island, NYC. Photos © Jaime Rojo     

By RIPO – Gdynia, Poland 2015

‘A well without water. A bird that can’t fly. An alley with no exit’ Study of minimalist poetry on a maximalist scale. New wall painted by the Barcelona-based artist RIPO during the Traffic Design Festival in Gdynia, Poland. More about the artist >>> www.max-rippon.com

MIAU Festival 2015, Fanzara

MIAU (Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano) is an urban art festival organized in the small village of Fanzara, in the region of Castellón. The 2015 edition just took place from 16/07 to 19/07 and invited a large number of Spanish graffiti and street artists. Giving its street and murals to the inspiration of the artists invited, Fanzara is […]

By Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Goes, Holland

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada was recently invited to Goes in Holland to paint a new mural. He just sent us his photos and explains what is the concept behind his piece: “In the city of Goes (pronounced “Hoosh”) I photographed three young women and combined their features to create a composite face. I researched the local historical identity […]

By SIXE – San Isidro, Peru 2015

Creditos fotos: Da Sanchez@domingo Durante casi todo el mes de mayo, el artista catalan Sixe ha estado desarrollando un mural en el Mercado de Productores de la Municipalidad de San Isidro (Perú), bajo el marco del proyecto Muros Libres. Esta actividad es una apuesta por el arte urbano como medio de cambio y transformación de la ciudad, formando parte del programa Cultura […]


Social Street Portraits – By JUPITERFAB

JUPITERFAB –  An immersion into human beings, their complexity and beauty Jupiterfab or Fabrizio Bianchini is an Italian visual and sound artist focused on the study of human beings, esthetically and emotionally. In his visual works, he mixes realism with expressionism to represent the mask behind each of us. His sound works are an attempt […]

“DEEP SURFACES” – Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in N2 Gallery

The legendary Cubano-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada will present his new solo show on Thursday 7th January in N2 Gallery. Don’t miss it ! >> www.jorgerodriguezgerada.com >> www.n2galeria.com Here is a sample of what you could discover there. New “Urban Analogy” piece: created on a 150 year old piece of wall surface adhered to wooden panel.

ÚS BARCELONA: Festival d’Art i Espai Públic

Vuelve Ús Barcelona, el festival de arte urbano y espacio público de la ciudad, el 9 de mayo en la calle Pere IV, con el objetivo de rescatar el valor de este espacio, dotándolo de vida a través del arte y la participación ciudadana. Esta edición de Ús Barcelona será la culminación de un proceso […]

By Spogo & Once in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

Here’s a fresh new mural painted by Spogo & Once in Sant Cugat, Barcelona. (@Casa de la cultura de Sant Cugat del Vallès ). Action organized by the city council and the Barcelona based non-profit organization Rebobinart. http://www.spogo.es http://www.rebobinart.com