By Roc Blackblock – Barcelona 2015

“El sistema defensa els diners, no les persones. Per això som antisistema” “The system defends the money, not people. This is why we are antisystem” By Roc Blackblock “Aquest és el resultat final del nou mural del Puertohurraco . Perquè en una ciutat que aspira a ser una botiga potser les llums ens enlluernen i no […]

Peeta’s residence – Barcelona 2015

2015 started well. Peeta decided to come back to Barcelona, 23 years after seeing the first mural of his life while spending vacation in our city. He came back from this vacations to his hometown Venice and painted his first graffiti, which marked the starting point of the long and respected artistic career we know. During all these years he […]

By SIXE PAREDES – Tàrrega 2015

Here is the new mural painted this week by our local (and international) artist SIXE PAREDES, in the village of Tàrrega, Catalunya. More about SIXE >>

By MURO & TXEMY – London 2015

Here are the last murals painted by the Barcelona based artists TXEMY and MURO in London, at the occasion of the collective show Kaleidoscope in Mya Gallery. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is an exhibition showcasing 12 hand-selected artists that have created, inspired and lead the Urban-Contemporary art movement in Spain over the past 10 years. New and original artworks on show […]

Surrealist stencil portraits – By RICE

Let’s meet Rice, a young catalan artist based in Barcelona, actively painting in the streets of Barcelona already since few years. We first remarked him in the barrio of Gracia where he is mainly active, but you can see his colourful pieces in other central barrios like Raval or Born. Inspired by elder major local artists like BTOY, […]

Peeta’s first solo show in Spain – Montana Gallery Barcelona

The master of 3D graffiti, italian greatest graffiti artist… here are some of the attributes given to PEETA, showing the importance his pairs in the graffiti world but also in contemporary art are giving him. By his own words, he saw the first big mural of his life on a trip to Barcelona in 1991. 24 […]

By Labuenaylamala – Abandonned house

Old piece by the graffiti and sculpture artist Labuenaylamala we just found and wanted to share! Intervention in an abandoned house on New Year’s Eve 2012/2013. More information about Labuenaylamala >>   

Street Art Barcelona: 2014 retrospective

Since the begining of graffiti and street-art things have evolved a lot. Once considered as “underground”, an anti-social behaviour or vandalism, it has now become quite mainstream. Like it or not, it has clearly changed, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not-quite-so-good … to stay polite (have you seen this new “Street Art Tele reality show”? […]