By Enric Sant @SWAB Art Fair 2013

ES De la mano de Montana Colors y su espacio expositivo en Barcelona, Montana Gallery, se presentó durante la pasada Feria de Arte Internacional Swab, al joven talento Enric Sant, miembro del colectivo catalán Mixed Media. En un ambiente rodeado de stands para galerías que presentaban obra estática destinadas a la exposición y la venta, […]

By Ripo ” 10 Days” – Video

’10 Days’ is a study of news headlines taken from the BBC News Online between May 6-15th, 2009. by Ripo ——— Everyday the news is transmitted to us across the globe. We’re left saddened, scared, inspired, skeptical, hopeful, angry, or simply numb. But the next day brings a new set of stories painting over the […]

By Ripo – “Historic” – Barcelona

By Ripo in Ametlla del Vallès (outside Barcelona), 2010 ” This abandoned hotel was not Historic and only time will tell about the mural itself. This is a comment on the act of painting the building’s facade and putting in time and effort at a forgotten and abandoned place, giving it a history that is new […]