Via: MTN WORLD Barcelona’s most popular contemporary mural painter, Aryz, is about to present his first show in Los Angeles on the 25th of April. His enigmatic exhibition will stay open until the 31st of May, and is presented in two different rooms symbolizing “two geodetic lines which never crosses their paths within the same […]

Millo en Barcelona

Via digerible.com “Millo in da house” Por la ciudad de Barcelona se encuentra uno de los referentes del arte urbano actual, Millo. Este artista muestra en sus obras la influencia de sus inicios en el área de la arquitectura, reflejada en un vivo sentido del espacio, con una distribución organizada dentro de un universo caótico […]

BCN Rise&Fall Documentary – International Premiere Feb 5th in Barcelona

  The documentary, BCN RISE&FALL, traces a journey from the beginnings of street art movement in Barcelona until now, emphasizing how one of the most important scenes in the world of street art was created. In the early 2000s the city of Barcelona became one of the world capitals of street art. At that time […]

By Zosen y Mina Hamada en Buenos Aires.

Zosen y Mina Hamada en Buenos Aires. A video by @hazte1delosmios https://www.facebook.com/Hazteunodelosmios Mina Hamada & Zosen Bandido – Buenos Aires 2014 from hazte1delosmios on Vimeo.

The Hidden Gems part1.

The Hidden Gems part1. Instagramer @bertsiles accepted to share with us some his best findings in Barcelona… Enjoy! http://instagram.com/bertsiles  


Via: MTN WORLD After having witnessed the work of Kenor for the Open Walls Conference, we got our hands on more images for a more thorough look on his great artwork. Along with the pictures we get brief, but interesting, interview which is really worth reading. -Explain a bit about the concept of the wall. […]