InnerLandscapes Show: Las Fotos

InnerLandscapes Show: A collective action by Subagora @Guzzo (Plaza comercial, 10 – Barcelona). Con la colaboración de Txemy, BTOY, Enric Sant, Crajes, Joan Tarragó, Ripo, Cristian Blanxer, Vj Ovideo OpenDesktop & Dj Timber. Photos: @Subagora

By Aryz, Free party truck – 2014

By Aryz, Free party truck – 2014 More about Aryz: “A friend of mine with who I started painting with has been in the Free Party movement for several years now, all the amazing trucks I’ve had the opportunity to paint were done because of him. So once in a while I get some new […]

By M-City, Festival Open Walls – Barcelona

” Polish artist M-City is now in Barcelona invited to take part of this year’s Open Walls in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by the new drone revolution, M-city chooses to work on the idea of drone technology  and how it is revolutionizing the way  we conduct everything from military operations to mail delivery. A simple and effective contribution to this year’ festival. ” by Urbanite Webzine […]