Monstruos y Colores, by ELEDU

Eledu nació en Barcelona nueve meses después del Dia de San Valentin de 1976, donde lleva residiendo en el barrio chino (también conocido por los modernillos como Raval) desde entonces. El último de tres hermanos, desde pequeño tuvo claro que como hijo de obrero inmigrante que era, debía estudiar, que era lo que le decían […]

Millo en Barcelona

Via “Millo in da house” Por la ciudad de Barcelona se encuentra uno de los referentes del arte urbano actual, Millo. Este artista muestra en sus obras la influencia de sus inicios en el área de la arquitectura, reflejada en un vivo sentido del espacio, con una distribución organizada dentro de un universo caótico […]

Peeta’s residency – Barcelona 2015

2015 started well. Peeta decided to come back to Barcelona, 23 years after seeing the first mural of his life while spending vacation in our city. He came back from this vacations to his hometown Venice and painted his first graffiti, which marked the starting point of the long and respected artistic career we know. During all these years he […]

By MURO & TXEMY – London 2015

Here are the last murals painted by the Barcelona based artists TXEMY and MURO in London, at the occasion of the collective show Kaleidoscope in Mya Gallery. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is an exhibition showcasing 12 hand-selected artists that have created, inspired and lead the Urban-Contemporary art movement in Spain over the past 10 years. New and original artworks on show […]

BCN Rise&Fall Documentary – International Premiere Feb 5th in Barcelona

  The documentary, BCN RISE&FALL, traces a journey from the beginnings of street art movement in Barcelona until now, emphasizing how one of the most important scenes in the world of street art was created. In the early 2000s the city of Barcelona became one of the world capitals of street art. At that time […]

Peeta’s first solo show in Spain – Montana Gallery Barcelona

The master of 3D graffiti, italian greatest graffiti artist… here are some of the attributes given to PEETA, showing the importance his pairs in the graffiti world but also in contemporary art are giving him. By his own words, he saw the first big mural of his life on a trip to Barcelona in 1991. 24 […]

Street Art Barcelona: 2014 retrospective

Since the begining of graffiti and street-art things have evolved a lot. Once considered as “underground”, an anti-social behaviour or vandalism, it has now become quite mainstream. Like it or not, it has clearly changed, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not-quite-so-good … to stay polite (have you seen this new “Street Art Tele reality show”? […]


By Montana World SAWE X THE ZOMBIE KIDS, THE WALL from Montana Colors on Vimeo. A principios de Octubre Sawe nos sorprendía a todos con el alucinante vídeo que realizaba en colaboración con Tomás Peña para el grupo The Zombie Kids. Pero ahí no acababa la cosa, hoy traemos la segunda parte del asunto. Se trata […]

Barcelona RE.SET Festival Video

Flashback on 2014. As part of Barcelona’s Tricentenary commemorations, architect Benedetta Tagliabue and set designer for La Fura dels Baus, Àlex Ollé, have come together to create seven “ephemeral” architectural interventions in some of the city’s most emblematic places. These artistic installations propose reflection on the themes of identity, liberty and democracy. One of them […]

The Outing Project in Barcelona

The Outings is a world participative project initiated by Julien de Casabianca, french artist, filmmaker and visual artist. The idea of the project is that everybody can photograph the portraits of anonymous people on museum walls, print them, move them to streets walls and set them free. “No one really watch them in their frames. Smalls. Secondary. […]