By CAYN SANCHEZ – Barcelona 2015

Cayn Sánchez nos dio el placer de pintar otro mural en el spot mítico de las Tres Chemineas, Poble Sec. Enjoy… More about the artist: >> >> Photos >> Subagora

By S. WAKNINE – Poble Nou 2015

Since Sebastien Waknine arrived to Barcelona less than a year ago, new characters and forms pop up regularly on the legal walls of the city. Here are some nice shots by Jesús Martínez Polo and Larisa Lu of his last painting sessions. More about the artist >>

CAYN SANCHEZ – Catalan new school

Graphic artist, illustrator, painter, muralist, cartoonist, but above all: graffiti writer since 1999. Cayn Sanchez is a young artist from Barcelona we have been observing since a while, and we love his works. Check it out. “The main subject matter of my non-commercial artwork are politics and social issues, without forgetting a great interest in aesthetics, even […]

By MATEO – “Azulejos – un homenaje a mi abuela”

“Azulejos – un homenaje a mi abuela” – Para que mi abuela viaja… ” Tiles – a tribute to my grand-mother” – For my grand-mother to travel… Stencil hecho por el artista francés Mathieu Bories, también conocido como Mateo, en el barrio de Poblenou. Stencil done by the french artist Mathieu Bories, aka Mateo, in the district […]

EXPO “Amore$” – by Cranio @Montana Gallery

Montana Gallery Barcelona opens its doors to the Brazilian artist, Cranio (1982, São Paulo), who after passing through Miami, San Francisco, and London, sets foot in Barcelona for the second time. This exhibition will feature large format canvases and small drawings, all having been inspired by the artist’s everyday life. A daily life in which the […]

By Txemy & Rubén Sánchez – Dubai 2015

Txemy decided to join the Spanish artist Rubén Sánchez now established in Dubai, for a painting session at the Jamjar. Here is what went out of this colorful and mystic session. More about Txemy >>> More about Rubén Sánchez >>>   Astral Projection by Ruben Sanchez & Txemy from txemy on Vimeo.

Graffiti & Tattoos – By Turkesa

TURKESA is from Zaragoza and is based in Barcelona. She is very little when she starts drawing and decides going to the School of Arts and Crafts in Zaragoza. There, while studying, she meets her first mentor and teacher Ignacio Mayayo, for whom she poses on some occasion and goes out for life painting. At the same time she begins tagging […]

Galeria Oberta – Flashback Part 1

Some projects are not existing anymore, but it’s worth sometimes to have a look at them and understand their value in the context of our actual situation. Galeria Oberta is one of them. Created by Difusor, the aim of Open Gallery project was to transform the Parc de les Aigües wall (Abd-el-Kader), into an exhibition space on the […]

Monstruos y Colores, by ELEDU

Eledu nació en Barcelona nueve meses después del Dia de San Valentin de 1976, donde lleva residiendo en el barrio chino (también conocido por los modernillos como Raval) desde entonces. El último de tres hermanos, desde pequeño tuvo claro que como hijo de obrero inmigrante que era, debía estudiar, que era lo que le decían […]


Carlos Magone, also known as CB1MAG1, was born Lleida, a small city, west of Catalonia, Spain in 1976. He began playing with spray paint around 1995, but it is not until 1997 that he starts taking graffiti more serious. In 1999 he travels to London, England, where he continues writing graffiti and getting more and […]