By Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Goes, Holland

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada was recently invited to Goes in Holland to paint a new mural. He just sent us his photos and explains what is the concept behind his piece: “In the city of Goes (pronounced “Hoosh”) I photographed three young women and combined their features to create a composite face. I researched the local historical identity […]

By ARYZ – Galicia 2015

New wall by the Catalan international graffiti artist Aryz CULTURAL FORUM, Carballo, Galicia 2015 >>> <<<

By TXEMY & MURONE – Romania 2015

The two dudes originated from Canarias, Txemy and Murone, left Barcelona these last days for a painting session in Timisoara, Romania. Here is one of their mural, “The ectasy of Santa Teresa, 2.0” >>> >>> Photos by Apu Dick

By RIPO – Milano 2015

Max Rippon aka RIPO, went to Milano (IT) last week to realise a new gigantic mural: “The Futility and Necessity of our Repetitive and Self-Negating Actions”. Action done in collaboration with Wunderkammern Gallery and Quarto Oggiaro district. More about the artist >>>  

CAYN SANCHEZ – Catalan new school

Graphic artist, illustrator, painter, muralist, cartoonist, but above all: graffiti writer since 1999. Cayn Sanchez is a young artist from Barcelona we have been observing since a while, and we love his works. Check it out. “The main subject matter of my non-commercial artwork are politics and social issues, without forgetting a great interest in aesthetics, even […]

Enric Font in Barcelona – (Via

Arte Urbano de la mano de Enric Font, un mural de gran formato en el aparcamiento de la Rambla de Guipúscoa, 163 – Barcelona. Font experimenta con técnica y lenguaje propio personajes humanoides con cabezas de varias formas que emanan fluidos o protuberancias, un universo pictórico creado por él. Photo: Enric Font – Via: […]

By Ripo – “Historic” – Barcelona

By Ripo in Ametlla del Vallès (outside Barcelona), 2010 ” This abandoned hotel was not Historic and only time will tell about the mural itself. This is a comment on the act of painting the building’s facade and putting in time and effort at a forgotten and abandoned place, giving it a history that is new […]