Interview Lidia Cao & Slim Safont X Arnau Gallery

*Interview by Flora Beillouin *Photos by Laura Colomé EN + FR below ES «El mural es un baile, es gestual, trabajas fuera a partir del contexto del lugar». Del 15 al 19 de enero, nuestra Galería Arnau acogió al barcelonés Slim Safont y a la gallega Lidia Cao para llevar a cabo un mural a […]

Gargar Festival 2020

For this year’s edition of Gargar festival (postponed to September for obvious reasons), the small village of Penelles in Catalunya has invited a group of local and international artists to paint various of its murals, in addition to the already existing 100 murals (for 400 inhabitants!) painted the previous years. With three exhibitions and different […]