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Elisa Capdevila for The Crystal Ship 2020 – Ostend, Belgium

In 2016, The Crystal Ship dropped anchor in the city of Ostend. Ever since, the arts festival has turned the coastal town into Belgium’s leading open-air gallery, with over a dozen world-renowned street artists setting sail for it every year. In 2020, the artist from Barcelona Elisa Capdevila was invited to paint one mural in the outskirt of the city.

Elisa paints impressionist murals with an uncanny resemblance to the Flemish Masters. She took fellow artist Alba with her and painted a gigantic sleeping baby on the wall of Bluebridge, an incubator that stimulates businesses in the blue economy. The themes this young Spanish woman always incorporates into her work are childhood, nostalgia and family. Pocket-sized artists, oversized murals.

Via The Crystal Ship

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Gargar Festival 2020

For this year’s edition of Gargar festival (postponed to September for obvious reasons), the small village of Penelles in Catalunya has invited a group of local and international artists to paint various of its murals, in addition to the already existing 100 murals (for 400 inhabitants!) painted the previous years. With three exhibitions and different public events, the program included ten interventions from artists showing the diversity and variety of style urban art can offer: Slimsafont showing the impact of the festival itself on the life of the village, Zabou doing a tribute to paste-up art and a fellow artist, the cartoon-graffiti style of Oreo, JayBisual and Zeso, the artwork of Berni Puig doing a pictorial reinterpretation of the map of Penelles in the church of the village, and more.. Here is a summary of these interventions.

Photos by the artists & Lluis Olivé










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