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New application Arnau Gallery by Luzidlab

In collaboration with Street Art Barcelona, Luzidlab created the first version of Arnau Gallery, an Augmented Reality Experience where the users are able to travel back in time and see the previous murals created for the Arnau Gallery wall at Parallel in Barcelona, Spain.

The user can align the digital wall to the physical wall, and start scrolling back in time. Information and links to the artists’ portfolios are displayed to find out more about the people behind the art. If not on-site the user is able to teleport the famous Arnau Gallery onto their local wall!

Street artists were some of the first to adopt Augmented Reality but this project has the unique feature of travelling back in time, and thus creating a platform to keep the Street Art heritage alive.

The photographer has an equal part to play in this approach as an active archiver of this site- and time specific art form, in this case Toni Garcia Camps for all our photos.

Arnau Gallery project has been created with the support of Arnau Itinerant, a community platform made of neighbours and local associations which aims to promote the restoration of Arnau Theatre, an institution of the night life of the Parallel area since 1894.

Antoine Careil curates this project. Every 3 months he brings together renowned street artists from around the world to create a new mural. Started with solo projects, now Antoine brings together duos, resulting in pieces by by MORCKY & CHAZ, SLOMO & TWEEMUIZEN, OREO & EKOSAURIO just to name a few. This unique approach creates highly awarding synergies beween the great names in street art.

New artworks will be added every 3 months and the archive is being updated when we receive good quality photographs of older pieces. The platform will also feature temporary projects during art festivals or other street art related events. Street Art Barcelona is eager to get in touch with these initiatives in order to grow this platform into the most comprehensible Street Art Archive around.

Luzidlab, Poblenou Urban District and Street Art Barcelona are now collecting imagery of other street art made at other famous spots in Barcelona and beyond and asking street artists from around the world to join this unique project for conserving urban art for the future. Arnau Gallery is only the beginning of a worldwide movement to archive and preserve urban art around the globe.

On the roadmap is creating a solid content management system for artists and curators to upload artworks and attach them to walls selected by community members. Another big upcoming feature will be the option to attach smart contracts to artworks, thus turning them into NFT’s.

Download the app for free HERE.

Of course we like to get your feedback and would love to chat about how this platform can be used for other purposes.

Android version coming soon!

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When urban art enters Liceu Opera to pay tribute to Raval


For more than two years the legendary Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona has been preparing its first community opera “La Gata Perduda”. A historic and exclusive event paying homage to Raval neighborhood. This initiative led by the entity Liceu Apropa was created with the aim of bringing together different associations of the district, that is to say about two thousand volunteers around a common project. On the long list of participants, Street Art Barcelona was selected to transform the dark stage of the opera into a gigantic urban artwork, bringing graffiti inside Liceu for the first time in its 175 years history.

Contacted by Irène Calvis Rovira – president of the Liceu Apropa collective, Antoine Careil – founder of Arnau gallery and Street Art Barcelona projects, accepts the mission of adorning the Liceu stage with the most beautiful colors of Raval. And nothing better than graffiti, very present in the streets of the so-called “barrio chino”, to cover the floor of the famous opera. At the origin of numerous collaborations between artists in Barcelona, ​​Antoine Careil takes up the challenge by bringing together different talents around a patchwork of 255 m2 representing the map of Raval.

All of the chosen artists have a close link with the neighborhood, either being born in Raval, have their workshop established there or being active on the walls of the neighborhood. In total they are six to complete this work. The front and the back of the stage are covered with black and white patterns made by Morcky and Nemo, while the central part where the two hundred and fifty choristers will mainly perform is covered with colored shapes by Kenor, Musa, Eledu and Jloca.

The project started in January and ended in June with its realization near the CCCB on Plaza Mossen Puig. At this point, the stage floor divided into several plates was moved from the Liceu theater to give space for the artists to create. For ten days Antoine Careil’s team took advantage of this giant open-air workshop to design a unique artwork. An experience shared with different associations from the district which came to help and support during the whole process giving to the project a real social impact in the neighborhood.


The stage once painted then returned to the Liceu theater, where it was installed for the two performances of “La Gata Perduda” on September 5th and 7th, 2022. Six thousand people came to enjoy these two exclusive, sold-out shows made by and for the people of Raval.


Article by Anais Bertrand

Photos by Toni Bofill & Fernando Alcala Losa

Project possible with the support of Liceu Theatre, CCCB and ours sponsors Montana Colors & Monto Pinturas.



Desde hace más de dos años el mítico Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona prepara su primera ópera comunitaria “La Gata Perduda”. Un evento histórico y exclusivo en homenaje al barrio del Raval. Esta iniciativa liderada por la entidad Liceu Apropa nace con el objetivo de juntar diferentes asociaciones del distrito, es decir unos dos mil voluntarios en torno a un proyecto común. De la larga lista de participantes, Street Art Barcelona fue seleccionada para transformar el oscuro escenario de la ópera en una gigantesca obra de arte urbana, llevando el grafiti al interior del Liceu por primera vez en sus 175 años de historia.

Contactado por Irène Calvis Rovira – presidenta del colectivo Liceu Apropa, Antoine Careil – fundador de la galería Arnau y de Street Art Barcelona, ​​acepta la misión de adornar el escenario del Liceu con los colores más bonitos del Raval. Y nada mejor que los grafitis, muy presentes en las calles del llamado “barrio chino”, para cubrir el suelo de la famosa ópera. Al origen de numerosas colaboraciones entre artistas de Barcelona, ​​Antoine Careil acepta el reto de reunir diferentes talentos en torno a un patchwork de 255 m2 que representa el mapa del Raval.

Todos los artistas seleccionados tienen una estrecha vinculación con el barrio, ya sea por haber nacido en el Raval, tener allí establecido su taller o estar activos en las paredes del barrio. En total son seis para completar este trabajo. El frente y el fondo del escenario están cubiertos con patrones en blanco y negro realizados por Morcky y Nemo, mientras que la parte central donde actuarán principalmente los doscientos cincuenta coristas está cubierta con formas de colores de Kenor, Musa, Eledu y Jloca.

El proyecto comenzó en enero y finalizó en junio con su realización cerca del CCCB en la plaza Mossen Puig. En este punto, el suelo del escenario dividido en varias placas se trasladó del teatro del Liceu para dar espacio a la creación de los artistas. Durante diez días, el equipo de Antoine Careil aprovechó este gigantesco taller al aire libre para diseñar una obra de arte única. Una experiencia compartida con diferentes asociaciones del distrito que vinieron a ayudar y apoyar durante todo el proceso dando al proyecto un impacto social real en el barrio.

El escenario una vez pintado volvió al teatro del Liceu, donde se instaló para las dos representaciones de “La Gata Perduda” los días 5 y 7 de septiembre de 2022. Seis mil personas acudieron a disfrutar de estos dos espectáculos exclusivos sold out realizados por y para la gente del Raval.

Artículo de Anaïs Bertrand

Fotos de Toni Bofill y Fernando Alcalá Losa

Proyecto posible con el apoyo del Teatro Liceu, CCCB y nuestros patrocinadores Montana Colors & Monto Pinturas

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