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“String Quintet” – Massive mural by Juanjo Surace in Lisboa for MuroLX2021

This summer we’ve been participating in the organisation of the new large scale mural by the one and only Juanjo Surace, painted in Lisboa for #MuroLX2021, an initiative by Galeria de arte urbana. Called “String quintet”, this work speaks about art as a place of encounter, dialogue and understanding between cultures. In the composition we see five animals from five different continents with traditional instruments of each region, immersed in a musical improvisation symbolizing the possible union of cultures through art. Congratulations to Juanjo for giving such beautiful colors and positive message in this district of Lisboa.

Photos by José Vicente

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New mural by Franco Fasoli in Trinitat Nova, Barcelona

New mural in Barcelona by the Argentinan artist Franco Fasolijaz, also known as Jaz. This artwork of 400m2 is the result of a collaborative process with neighbors of Trinitat Nova district on the thematic of Time. Project led by Difusor & B-Murals.

📸 @feralcala

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