The Root – Muralism & Spirituality by Magda Cwik in Mexico City

The Polish and Barcelona-based artist Magda Cwik has been travelling to Mexico at the end of 2019 and as always with her this was not only about painting. Giving as much importance to the message and content, she painted in Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City an interactive mural called “The Root” which combines street art, sacred geometry and music.

The Root is the first mural opening the Vibraising series, an eight murals series intended to bring awareness on the Chakras energetic system, a complex network of energy channels mapped throughout the whole human body. The first Root Chakra presented here vibrates to the sound frequency from key of C.

Aiming to bring greater personal power, clarity, love, and joy, the mural includes a QR code leading to a music composition on a specific sound frequency by the Irish composer Stephen Mahoney (see video below). The loop is completed, you can now enter the magical world of Magda Cwik and start healing yourself.

All photos and video by the artist

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