‘Asfixia’ By Elian Chali for Bostik Murals, Barcelona

This is the creation progess of ‘Asfixia’, the mural intervention of 20x20m2 made by the Argentinian artist Elian Chali in Nau Bostik facade, curated by Difusor. A colorful and abstract piece that recognises the past of this factory, recovered and transformed in a cultural centre that dialogues with the environment of La Sagrera neighbourhood.

This piece, the first one for Chali in Barcelona, is part of Bostik Murals project. The intervention also has a community side that has involved two educative centers and that is complemented with two exhibitions. “The process of this work has been one of the most interesting of this year because of the link with the territory and the community, key values to create public art”, explains Chali.

‘Asfixia’ becomes a symbol for the neighbourhood and for the city of Barcelona, according to the artist, “a heritage that exceeds murals, art works and events to become a place intention.”

? Elian Chali, Cristina Raso Boluda, Xavier Basiana Vers


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