CAYN SANCHEZ – Catalan new school

Graphic artist, illustrator, painter, muralist, cartoonist, but above all: graffiti writer since 1999. Cayn Sanchez is a young artist from Barcelona we have been observing since a while, and we love his works. Check it out.

“The main subject matter of my non-commercial artwork are politics and social issues, without forgetting a great interest in aesthetics, even though it is detached from a dominant political discourse. The obsession with the representation of reality, and its modifications, has led me to try different ways to reproduce it and to experimentation. Thus, as a result of research with materials, technique and style have both become prominent in my work. The technique becomes both the means and the goal.”

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Cayn Sanchez | JAPAN – Chiba from Cayn Sánchez on Vimeo.

cayn sanchez
Photo by Fernando Alcala

cayn sanchez1

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