The Outing Project in Barcelona

The Outings is a world participative project initiated by Julien de Casabianca, french artist, filmmaker and visual artist. The idea of the project is that everybody can photograph the portraits of anonymous people on museum walls, print them, move them to streets walls and set them free.

“No one really watch them in their frames.
Smalls. Secondary. Forgotten.
Definitely anonymous. Almost dead.
We bring them back to life in the new world.”

Here are the pictures of how the project can be seen in the streets of Barcelona.

More information on how to participate:

outing project

outing project1

outing project2






outing project3

outing project4



outing project5

outing project6outing project8 outing project7

outing project9


outing project10

outing project12




outing project11

outing project13

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