OpenWalls Conference: el arte urbano a debate

El encuentro internacional, que combina conferencias sobre gestión del arte urbano e intervenciones murales, se celebra del 22 al 26 de octubre en diversos espacios de la ciudad condal. Mar, 14/10/2014 – 17:00 Autor: Barcelona Cultura   Llega la OpenWalls Conference, un encuentro internacional que quiere abordar la idea del arte y las intervenciones urbanas desde dos […]

By Ripo ” 10 Days” – Video

’10 Days’ is a study of news headlines taken from the BBC News Online between May 6-15th, 2009. by Ripo ——— Everyday the news is transmitted to us across the globe. We’re left saddened, scared, inspired, skeptical, hopeful, angry, or simply numb. But the next day brings a new set of stories painting over the […]

By Ripo – “Historic” – Barcelona

By Ripo in Ametlla del Vallès (outside Barcelona), 2010 ” This abandoned hotel was not Historic and only time will tell about the mural itself. This is a comment on the act of painting the building’s facade and putting in time and effort at a forgotten and abandoned place, giving it a history that is new […]