By Emilio Cerezo & Laguna – Las Mesas




Beautiful the collaborations between Emilio Cerezo and Laguna, the two artists come back again to work together with a new painting created recently in Las Mesas in Spain, part of the project Las Mancha Colors.

There’s something inherently visceral in the pictorial approaches of the two artists, it is not only to observe but rather to perceive and be invested by the different emotions that images can stimulate. Through a painting in which the colors are mixed, alternating in deep tonal changes, emerge the outlines of faces and different subjects, this is a poetic sense that embraces and holds these visions. Laguna and Emilio Cerezo gather from reality but through a quick snapshot, distorted by emotions that here more than ever transform and shape the look of these figures.

Entitled “Descartes en revisión” this painting is yet another an hallucinogen trip, an opportunity to connect ourselves with the innermost aspects of our subconscious.

Pics by the artists

emilio-cerezo-laguna-new-mural-in-las-mesas-02 emilio-cerezo-laguna-new-mural-in-las-mesas-03 emilio-cerezo-laguna-new-mural-in-las-mesas-04 emilio-cerezo-laguna-new-mural-in-las-mesas-05emilio-cerezo-laguna-new-mural-in-las-mesas-001

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