By ARYZ – Galicia 2015

New wall by the Catalan international graffiti artist Aryz CULTURAL FORUM, Carballo, Galicia 2015 >>> <<<

By SIXE – San Isidro, Peru 2015

Creditos fotos: Da Sanchez@domingo Durante casi todo el mes de mayo, el artista catalan Sixe ha estado desarrollando un mural en el Mercado de Productores de la Municipalidad de San Isidro (Perú), bajo el marco del proyecto Muros Libres. Esta actividad es una apuesta por el arte urbano como medio de cambio y transformación de la ciudad, formando parte del programa Cultura […]

By Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Buenos Aires 2015

The Cuban-American and Barcelona-based artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada went to Buenos Aires this year and painted a huge new mural in San Telmo. It features a giant portrait of a local boy. “David” is an 11 year old child studying at the Isauro Arancibia Education Center, located at 1318 Paseo Colón, in the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, where […]

Galeria Oberta – Flashback Part 1

Some projects are not existing anymore, but it’s worth sometimes to have a look at them and understand their value in the context of our actual situation. Galeria Oberta is one of them. Created by Difusor, the aim of Open Gallery project was to transform the Parc de les Aigües wall (Abd-el-Kader), into an exhibition space on the […]


Carlos Magone, also known as CB1MAG1, was born Lleida, a small city, west of Catalonia, Spain in 1976. He began playing with spray paint around 1995, but it is not until 1997 that he starts taking graffiti more serious. In 1999 he travels to London, England, where he continues writing graffiti and getting more and […]

By Gola Hundun – Bari 2015

New wall painted by the Barcelona based artist Gola Hundun, in Bari (Italia). “This image becomes the ‪icon‬ of the project ‪Oliosanto‬. I made it on paper, on canvas, on t-shirt and now on wall every time with different taste and colors, but I’m pretty proud that this one is the conclusive one. It symbolizes the obscure circumstances […]

By Labuenaylamala – Abandonned house

Old piece by the graffiti and sculpture artist Labuenaylamala we just found and wanted to share! Intervention in an abandoned house on New Year’s Eve 2012/2013. More information about Labuenaylamala >>