Galeria Oberta – Flashback Part 1

Some projects are not existing anymore, but it’s worth sometimes to have a look at them and understand their value in the context of our actual situation. Galeria Oberta is one of them.

Created by Difusor, the aim of Open Gallery project was to transform the Parc de les Aigües wall (Abd-el-Kader), into an exhibition space on the street. Open 24/364. To everyone. All graffiti artist could paint a 8 square meters  without having to run away when seeing the police. Times have changed. When a new Open Gallery in Barna ?

Here is the first part of the photos of what could be found on these walls at that time.

More here about this project >>>


img_8592 img_8591 hieronymus hd1

hd ezbai ezbai2 gato gigio01


extrapolart esteveixanu escif02 casa


ef chez chez02 durcayn

andreabtoy arteurbanotv01 artiste-ouvrier5 astro

c215 bullet btoy aulala01 amadeu-casellas

dr-case-oliviaalvoran02 alibart-873x450


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