Symbiosis – Un experimento del Dr Case @Guzzo

>>> AGENDA <<< Miércoles 20 de Mayo a partir de las 20:00, Guzzo & Subagora presentan: Symbiosis – Un experimento del Dr Case Vamos a disfrutar de las fabulosas creaciones de este cirujano digital que crea mutantes fantásticos fusionando a artistas con su propia obra. La entrada es gratuita, música a cargo de Ilia Pawel Mayer.

“Wild Life Spirit” by GOLA – Imola 2015

Our Barcelona-based artist Gola Hundun was in Imola beginning of May, Italy where he finished painting his newest mural entitled “Wild Life Spirit”. This piece is an homage to the wild life, the animals and plants that didn’t want or just couldn’t be domesticated by the humans. Gola’s idea was to combine various vegetal elements with different totemic […]


Social Street Portraits – By JUPITERFAB

JUPITERFAB –  An immersion into human beings, their complexity and beauty Jupiterfab or Fabrizio Bianchini is an Italian visual and sound artist focused on the study of human beings, esthetically and emotionally. In his visual works, he mixes realism with expressionism to represent the mask behind each of us. His sound works are an attempt […]

By CAYN SANCHEZ – Barcelona 2015

Cayn Sánchez nos dio el placer de pintar otro mural en el spot mítico de las Tres Chemineas, Poble Sec. Enjoy… More about the artist: >> >> Photos >> Subagora

“DEEP SURFACES” – Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in N2 Gallery

The legendary Cubano-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada will present his new solo show on Thursday 7th January in N2 Gallery. Don’t miss it ! >> >> Here is a sample of what you could discover there. New “Urban Analogy” piece: created on a 150 year old piece of wall surface adhered to wooden panel.

CAYN SANCHEZ – Catalan new school

Graphic artist, illustrator, painter, muralist, cartoonist, but above all: graffiti writer since 1999. Cayn Sanchez is a young artist from Barcelona we have been observing since a while, and we love his works. Check it out. “The main subject matter of my non-commercial artwork are politics and social issues, without forgetting a great interest in aesthetics, even […]

Peeta’s residency – Barcelona 2015

2015 started well. Peeta decided to come back to Barcelona, 23 years after seeing the first mural of his life while spending vacation in our city. He came back from this vacations to his hometown Venice and painted his first graffiti, which marked the starting point of the long and respected artistic career we know. During all these years he […]

Ripo @ Guzzo Club (Video)

El encuentro artistico entre un artista mayor de la escena graffiti Barcelonesa, y un club dedicado a la creación y el arte en todas sus formas.. Este mural, iniciado por la agencia Subagora y realizado en Octubre 2014, quiere ser un homenaje a la cultura Jazz y al alma de New Orleans a través del […]

By Alaniz, in Poblenou Barcelona.

By Alaniz, in Poblenou Barcelona. “A way for me to symbolise the censorship in Barcelona, the restrictive law against graffiti” Photos by: Subagora