By Cristian Blanxer & Pierapapeltijera for Urban Nation – Berlin 2019

The Catalan artists Cristian Blanxer & Pierapapeltijera enriched Berlin’s cityscape with a new  large mural for Urban Nation Museum.

Over 10 days Cristian Blanxer worked on his latest mural at Foxweg 1 in Berlin-Tegel. He spent many hours in brooding heat with a parasol on a crane to create a mural that at first glance seems innocent and playful. However, if you let your gaze run longer, you discover a completely different perspective in the childlike silhouette. In the urban grey, crushed by manias, giants, jokes and party articles, as the great Spanish words describe it, a young woman seems to find a way. A way out of the grey tristesse that exists if she only looked up into the blue sky. Maybe then she would find a new, easier and more cheerful way.

The artist himself remains true to his style: spontaneous brushstrokes, intense colors, surrealistic situations with an enormous expressiveness.
The mural can be seen at Foxweg 1, Berlin-Tegel.

Via Urban Nation


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