KRAM & ELEDU show in Sala Gaspar

Persiana Gaspar is presenting the works by KRAM & ELEDU, two artists from Barcelona, who form part of the collective FATAL FAKE and stick out with their special technique of applying posters onto the streets. Both of them have always been interested in maintaining the high level of Barcelona’s Street Art scene, which becomes evident not […]

¿ Who is OLAE ?

Last days to visit the exhibition by OLAE in Sala Gaspar (Plaça Letamendi 34, Barcelona), to pay a tribute to this mysterious graffiti artist through an intervention on a persiana, some mosaic works and more surprises. Exhibition until friday 21/11. Video by Finerats Text by Art from Chaos Four simple letters, strategically placed and extremely viewable. This is […]

By Foham Fonezs – Tarragona 2014

Nuevo mural by Foham Fonezs en Tarragona, barrio de Bonavista, 2014 La trayectoria de Foham Fonezs en la escena del Graffiti comenzó por el 94 y ahora mismo comparte un proyecto muy interesnate con el Sr Lolo Emak llamado ALL OVER. Partner de gente de ciudades como Gerona, Barcelona Lleida, Madrid, Pais Vasco, Valladolid, Valencia, Castellon, Zaragoza, Lugo […]

By Roc Blackblock – Barcelona 2014

New mural by Roc Blackblock @ Biblioteca Mercè Rodoreda, d’Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona. More about Roc Blackblock: “Així ha quedat la meva intervenció a la Biblioteca Mercè Rodoreda, d’Horta-Guinardó. Ha estat tot un plaer col·laborar-hi, tant amb la Biblioteca com amb Boca Nord, Open Walls. Perquè els llibres curen el feixisme, el racisme, l’homofòbia, la misogínia i la ignorància […]