Surrealist stencil portraits – By RICE

Let’s meet Rice, a young catalan artist based in Barcelona, actively painting in the streets of Barcelona already since few years. We first remarked him in the barrio of Gracia where he is mainly active, but you can see his colourful pieces in other central barrios like Raval or Born. Inspired by elder major local artists like BTOY, his technic is based on stencils which represent comedians from series, movies or musicians obviously part of Rice’s culture. In addition to this pop art influence, he uses flashy and fluo colours to paint his characters, giving to his style a surprising surrealist effect. He still doesn’t have webpage, we will let you know once it’s done… Enjoy!

DSC_2421  DSC_2479 e1c23237aa5d6b08d0e5473e37647a96 forrest forrest2tumblr_n83c66GS2q1qm7f22o1_500 psi2 fb04e8a77f8ced5a2913da162d598248 famous-rice-c2a9-lisette-van-de-graaf-3 DSC_2286 DSC_0443

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