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“TÀPIA” – New exhibition in B-Murals curated by Axel Void

Sometimes some exhibitions come to lighten up a cold month of November. That’s the case here with the new exhibition that B-Murals inaugurates on Saturday 16th November from 19h00 to 22h00. The show, curated by Axel Void, presents the works of 24 national and international artists representing the neo-muralism movement. This active urban art movement is associated with figurative and contemporary realism, it generally aims to question our relation with society and public space.

With Alberto Montes | Ana Barriga | Ana Langeheldt / Lahe178) | Axel Void | Elisa Capdevila | Emilio Cerezo | Fafa Marquez | FaithXLVII | FilioGalvez | Franco Fasoli (Jaz) | Hyuro | Ivan Floro | Jofre Oliveras | Laguna | L.E.O. | Sekone | Milu Correch | Mr Kern | Sainer | SatOne | Sebas Velasco | Yaro | Crow | Zoer | @Helen Bur

Don’t miss it!



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[Agenda] The surreal world of Juanjo Surace in Guzzo

For our new live painting in Guzzo, we will make you travel into the surreal world of Juanjo Surace!
The Argentinian artist, also master of 3D animation and illustration, is known for his intense imagination, black humor and ironic criticism. Inspired by pop surrealist movement, he never stops questioning our human condition in a satiric way.
He will be painting the main wall of Guzzo next Monday 16th September, starting 18Hrs till late! Event organized by Street Art Barcelona with the support of Montana Colors
Here is a serie of photos and videos of some of his works!


#ktownlab from Juan José Surace on Vimeo.

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