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“Parallel Universes” by Magda Ćwik & Puke – Arnau Gallery (April edition)

“Parallel Universes” is the last collaborative mural painted by Magda Ćwik, Puke & After Hours Project for the last edition of our project Arnau Gallery. Five days of work on the thematic of theatre for this amazing result full of colors and poetry. Thanks to them!

“The idea was to bring more attention to the Theatre, portrayed as a sleeping woman in the centre of the project. Her burgundy red hair are in fact a curtain releasing a dream scene. Mechanical cancan, a symbol of modernity, enter the stage in the spotlight. Soft feathers are falling down, sheared lines are passing through the wall, pendulum has stopped moving, maybe it’s a night or a day scene. All this gives the impression that time has ceased to exist for a moment. The apple in the man’s head plays an important role, a temptation, so often desired by many people, however the pierrot looking in opposite direction seems to be not interested in it.  ”   Magda Ćwik

Project organised with the support of Montana Colors, Debasa & Difusor
Photos by Nicolas Corbel & Mn_ice
Video by Mn_ice

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By Miquel Wert & Ibie – Arnau Gallery, March edition

Nuevo fantastico mural pintado a 4 manos entre Miquel Wert & Ibie por la sesion de Marzo de nuestro proyecto Arnau Gallery. Un encuentro entre dos estilos para hacernos reflexionar sobre nuestra infancia.

New amazing collaborative mural painted by Miquel Wert & Ibie for the March session of our project Arnau Gallery. A meeting between two styles to make us reflect on our childhood. Thanks to them!

Photos © Nicolas Corbel, Antoine Careil, Miquel Wert

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