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[AGENDA] Guzzo Live Painting: David Shillinglaw (UK) 17.12.18

Nuestro último Live Painting del año en Guzzo está llegando y estamos muy contentos de recibir, directamente de Londres y por primera vez en Barcelona, a David Shillinglaw!

Nacido de padres británicos en 1982 en el Medio Oriente, David nunca ha parado de viajar y transmitir sus experiencias a través de su arte. Su trabajo se mueve entre la calle y el estudio, a pinturas sobre lienzo y murales de gran escala. Ha expuesto en galerías en Japón, China, Gambia, Holanda y ciudades clave como Nueva York, Londres, Berlín y Estambul. ¡Pintará en vivo la pared principal del Guzzo el 17 de diciembre, a partir de las 18h!

Y como siempre, con la compañía de DJ Blaze Sounds en la Cabina, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk & Rare Grooves!

Evento organizado por Street Art Barcelona con el apoyo de Montana Colors.


Our last live painting of the year in Guzzo is coming and we’re excited to welcome straight from London and for the first time in Barcelona: David Shillinglaw!

Born of British parents in 1982 in the Middle East, David has never stopped since then travelling and transmit his experiences through his art. His work moves between street and studio, to paintings on canvas, and large scale wall murals. He has exhibited in galleries in Japan, China, The Gambia, Holland, and key cities such as NY, London, Berlin, and Istanbul. He will be painting in live the main wall of Guzzo on 17th December, starting 18Hrs!

Music by DJ Blaze Sounds – Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk & Rare Grooves

Event organised by Street Art Barcelona with the support of Montana Colors.

The venue:
Guzzo Club
Plaza Comercial,10, Born


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“Perpetual Flow” By Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada – Ouarzazate, Morocco 2019

The last work of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada as part of his Terrestrial Series has been realized in Ouarzazate, Morocco. “Perpetual flow” extends over 37,500 square meters and was created using rakes, stones found at the site, 36 tonnes of dark gravel and vegetable oil.

Running water flows between the fingers of two huge hands in a “perpetual flow”, symbolising the ability to reuse water to create a greenbelt around the city and so protect it from sandstorms.

This piece is one of six art installations set within different environments, forests, deserts, glaciers and cities, featured in the 2019 Lavazza Calendar “Good to Earth”.

The photographs by National Geographic photographer and five time World Press Photo Award recipient Ami Vitale documented the nature art of Hula (Switzerland), Mantra (Kenya), Saype (Colombia), Gomez (Thailand), Millo (Belgium) and Gerada in (Morocco) These projects tell us about some good news for the Earth, or in other words the virtuous projects for reforestation, protecting biodiversity and the conversion of industrial areas into green spaces, identified throughout the world in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which can contribute to protecting nature and therefore the planet. The Lavazza Calendar, now at its 27th edition, was realised with the creative guidance of the advertising agency Armando Testa.

More about the artist:

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